Bowing Foundation Wall Problems?

SwainCo. Steel Beam Stabilizers can fix your Indiana bowed foundation wall problem permanently. Our Steel Beam Stabilizer is engineered to counter horizontal pressure from the outside that is causing your bowed foundation wall. The steel beam stabilizer is utilizes a steel bracket that is attached to the slab floor. A engineered, powerful spring loaded bracket called The Force is attached to the floor joist. This powerful spring loaded bracket is designed to work with natural expansion and contraction cycles soil. This tension loaded spring applies a constant 1000 lb force 24/7 against the bowing foundation wall. Our Steel Beam Stabilizer System prevents any future bowing from the wall and permanently stabilizers the foundation wall. This system applies enough force to even straighten the bowed foundation wall over time. Our Steel Beam Stabilizer System comes with a Life of Structure Warranty against any future foundation wall bowing.

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