Crawl Space & Basement Mold Remediation for Indianapolis, Indiana & the Surrounding Areas

One of the most detrimental and expansive issues for Indiana crawl spaces and basements is mold growth. Mold growth left untreated leads to costly crawl space and basement wood rot and also creates an extremely unhealthy living environment in all areas of the house by allowing mold spores to move up into the living area with the movement of the air, also known as the stack effect. Studies show up to 60% of the air you breathe in your home comes directly from the crawl space. So, whatever is in your crawl space or basement, it is also in your home. Mold in your home can also decrease the value of your home and make it much harder to sell when a mold issue is present. SwainCo’s. HydroSafe Mold Remediation process will eliminate any active mold in your home, and the best part, it is a 100% safe mold remediation process due to no harmful, harsh chemicals being used.

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Indy's Only Safe Mold Remediation Process

What Is HydroSafe Crawl Space and Basement Mold Remediation?

Most mold remediation services are not only costly but they are also performed by using an array of potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, some of these mold remediation techniques require homeowners to vacate their houses during the process and can even leave long-lasting odors in the upstairs living areas. The SwainCo. HydroSafe Crawl Space and Basement Mold Remediation process eliminates many of these health concerns for homeowners. This is accomplished by using a non-toxic application called HydroSafe that is applied to the areas of mold growth. HydroSafe is an 8% strength hydrogen peroxide and 92% water mixture.

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How Does It Work?

The SwainCo. HydroSafe Crawl Space and Basement Mold Remediation process utilizes a relatively new and effective proven method of mold remediation called the Carolina Protocol. The Carolina Protocol involves the use of an 8% strength hydrogen peroxide as the cleaning agent. First, the affected areas of mold growth concern are HEPA vacuumed to remove as many of the existing mold spores as possible. Using a HEPA-filtered vacuum prevents any spores from escaping into the environment. The second step is to apply the SwainCo. HydroSafe 8% strength hydrogen peroxide to all affected areas of mold growth. This step destroys mold growth by a process called oxidation. The third and final step is to again go over all areas of mold growth concern with our HEPA-filtered vacuum. This final step is done to remove or clean anything that was dislodged by the second step application of the HydroSafe. That's it, only 3 steps to have your crawl space or basement mold-free. SwainCo. also provides additional services to permanently keep your crawl space or basement free of mold growth by correcting the underlying issues that caused it in the first place. Which more than likely is going to be caused by excessive moisture or water issues in your home.

What Is Oxidation?

Oxidation is the chemical release of oxygen. Many of us have firsthand experience with oxidation from hydrogen peroxide. For example, many of us have had a small scrap or cut that we have applied hydrogen peroxide to. Shortly after applying hydrogen peroxide to our cut, we see a bubbling action take place. This bubbling action is the bacteria in the cut being destroyed by oxidation. Although the hydrogen peroxide used to clean the cut is of a less strength, the same oxidation process that destroys the bacteria in the cut is the same oxidation process that destroys the mold growth that is growth on and in the structural wood of your crawl space.

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Additional Steps To Maintaining A Mold Free Crawl Space or Basement

At SwainCo. Crawl Space and Basement Repair, we understand that in many cases just simply removing the mold from your crawl space or basement may not be enough to ensure your home stays mold-free. In order to ensure your crawl space or basement stays mold-free, we must also look at the issues that caused the mold growth to begin with. Most of the time mold growth in a crawl space or basement is going to be caused by excessive moisture or water from the exterior of your home. SwainCo. is Indy's most trusted name is moisture control. Our proven, warranted crawl space and basement waterproofing and moisture control methods will give any Indiana homeowner peace of mind that their crawl space or basement will continue to not only be mold free but will also be a dry, healthy crawl space. Some of these additional solutions can include our lifetime warranted crawl space drainage systems or our SwainCo. Complete Crawl Space Encapsulation System.