Crawl Space Wood Repair, Floor Joist, Sill Plate, Center Beam, Sub-Floor in Indiana
SwainCo. repairs all types of crawlspace wood rot damage, including crawlspace floor joist repair, sill plate repair, center beam, and sub-floor repair in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. SwainCo. also installs a variety of crawl space support beams for sagging crawl space floors, uneven floors, or bouncy floors. SwainCo. prides itself on being one of the few companies in this industry that repairs crawl space wood damage the correct way. Our crawl space wood repair services will bring your home back to it's original level. 
Crawlspace sill plate is the structural wood that sits on top of your homes foundation wall. The crawl space sill plate is typically anchored/bolted to the homes foundation wall. In most Indiana crawl spaces, the sill plate size is 2"x4" but can also be larger. Because it sits directly on top of the foundation wall, it is more likely to rot before other structural wood in a wet crawl space. This happens because of moisture that seeps through your homes foundation walls. Down spouts that are not extended can also cause crawl space sill plate to rot due to large amounts of water being dump next to the foundation wall. Damage or rotted crawl space sill plate should be completely replaced. 
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Signs of Crawl Space Wood Damage
-Sagging Floors

-Uneven/Unlevel Floors

-Dry-Wall Cracks

-Windows/Doors Getting Stuck
Crawl Space Sill Plate Repair
Crawl Space Floor Joist Repair
The crawl space floor joist is the structural wood that sits on top of the sill plate and spans across the bottom of your floor to sit on top of your center beam. Crawlspace floor joist damage can be caused by a variety of different issues. Floor joist damage near the sill plate is usually caused by the same moisture related problems that lead to the sill plate damage. Crawl space floor joist damage can also be caused by undersized floor joist spanning too far. Floor joist that span too far with no support beams between the sill plate and the center beam they sit on can cause bouncy/uneven floors. Floor joist that span too far can also crack, eliminating much of its structural integrity. These, plus other factors play a very important role in what type of crawl space floor joist repair is needed. SwainCo. has the experience and knowledge to repair damaged crawl space floor joist the correct, permanent way. 
Additional Crawl Space Wood Repair Services in Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas
-Crawl space sub-floor repair, including sub-floor replacement and sub-floor support.

-Crawl space center beam repair, including center beam replacement, center beam support by way of crawl space support jacks.

-Crawl space helper beams, including metal I beams, crawl space support jacks, wood support beams. Installed to support over spanning floor joist, uneven floor, and bouncy floors.
Crawl Space and Basement Repair
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