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Wet Crawl Space?
One of the biggest problems with crawl spaces in Indianapolis and surrounding areas is water. A wet crawl space can lead to major issues, including crawl space mold growth, crawl space wood damage, and possible foundation failure. A SwainCo. Lifetime Warranty drainage system will keep your crawl space dry for good. A dry crawl space will not only help prevent issues such as crawl space mold growth, wood rot, or possible foundation failure, it along with the SwainCo. WhiteCap encapsulation system will improve the comfort of the living area upstairs. 

Mold Growth/Excessive Moisture/Bad odors?
Crawl spaces in Indiana also have problems with excessive moisture. Excessive moisture in a crawl space can also lead to mold growth, bad odors, and structural wood damage. Even when no standing water is present, a crawl space can still have excessive moisture. This is caused by a few different factors. One being that your crawl space has a dirt floor that moisture is constantly escaping out of and into the crawl space. Crawl space vents can also add unwanted moisture to the crawl space by bringing in high humidity air from the outside into your crawl space. Because of the naturally air flow process of the home being from bottom to top (stack effect) this unwanted moisture moves up into the structural components and eventually into the living areas of your home, along with mold spores, dust mites, and bad odors. If your crawl space is experiencing any of these issues, let SwainCo. turn your Indiana crawl space into a safe, healthy crawl space.  SwainCo. WhiteCap Encapsulation systems not only stop excessive moisture in your crawl space, but also help prevent mold growth and bad odors. A SwainCo. WhiteCap Encapsulation system can also help you save 15%-30% on energy cost. 

Structural Wood Damage/Unlevel Floors?

Crawl space wood rot in Indiana can be caused by standing water, excessive moisture, and wood destroying insects. No matter the cause, it's an issue that needs repaired as soon as possible. SwainCo. prides itself on being one of the few companies in this industry that repair structural wood damage in Indiana crawl spaces the correct way. Whether its damage to the crawl space sill plate, floor joist, center beam, or sub-floor, SwainCo. can fix it right.  

Services Areas Include
Indianapolis, IN Greenwood, IN Franklin, IN Whiteland, IN Columbus, IN Mooresville, IN Brownsburg, IN Lebanon, IN Carmel, IN Whitestown, IN Fishers, IN Zionsville, IN Greenfield, IN Bloomington, IN Martinsville, IN New Palestine, IN Shelbyville, IN, Avon, IN Danville, IN Kokomo, IN Lafayette, IN Anderson, IN Brazil, IN Crawlfordsville, IN Lebanon, IN New Castle, IN Muncie, IN
Cold Floors/Insulation?
Cold floors and high energy cost can many times be directly related to the issues in your crawl space. These issues can be solved by a SwainCo. WhiteCap Encapsulation system and/or installation of crawl space insulation. A SwainCo. WhiteCap Encapsulation system can not only eliminate cold floors, but can also help reduce high energy cost by eliminating unwanted moisture and sealing off cold air entering your crawl space. With a SwainCo. WhiteCap Encapsulation system your furnace will also spend less time drying out the air in your home. Click here to get started on allowing SwainCo. to turn your dirty, costly crawl space into a healthy, energy saving crawl space. 
Crawl Space Repair Service for Indianapolis and surrounding areas include:
-Lifetime Warranty Drainage Systems
-Sump Pump Installation
-Encapsulation/Vapor Barrier Systems
-Crawl Space Wood Repair
-Crawl Space Insulation
-Mold Treatment
-Crawl Space Cleanouts
-DownSpout Extensions
-And Much, Much More....
SwainCo. provides crawl space services for all Indiana crawl space problems, including crawl space waterproofingencapsulationcrawl space insulationcrawl space wood repair, and crawl space foundation repair. 
-Standing Water?
-Fallen Insulation?
-Musty Odors?
-Vapor Barrier Missing?
-Unlevel Floors?
-Cold Floors?
-Soft/Bouncy Floors?     
-Wet Foundation Blocks?

Crawl Space and Basement Repair
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