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Signs of A Wet Crawl Space 
-Standing water in crawl space after it rains

-Foundation blocks wet

-Musty Odors 

-Muddy dirt floor

Water will typically enter a crawl space in a few different areas, groundwater that seeps up through the dirt crawl space floor, water that seeps through the foundation blocks, or water that comes in under the footing of the crawl space foundation wall. Standing water in a crawl space will lead to more serious issues such as crawl space wood damage, mold growth, musty odors from your crawl space, and possible foundation failure. 
A Dry Crawl Space 
Maintaining a dry crawl space will help prevent crawl space mold growth, crawl space wood damage, and possible crawl space foundation failure. Many times Indiana homeowners can take steps to help prevent water infiltration into your crawl space such as, proper outside grade, down spout extensions, and a crawl space sump pump. But as many Indiana homeowners find out, these steps are not enough to keep their crawl space dry permanently.
SwainCo. Crawl Space Drainage Systems
A SwainCo. crawl space drainage system is the most effective, permanent solution to your wet crawl space. It is a Lifetime Warranty drainage system that will keep your crawl space dry all the time. The SwainCo. crawl space drainage consist of a hand dug trench along the inside perimeter of the crawl space. A 4" perforated drainage tile is then installed along with a gravel back-fill. The SwainCo. crawl space drainage system is guaranteed to keep your crawl space dry all the time. It carries a Lifetime Warranty against standing water in your crawl space. 
Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
A SwainCo. crawl space drainage system includes the installation of a 6mill crawl space vapor barrier. This crawl space vapor barrier is installed after the crawl space drainage system. It is installed along the entire crawl space dirt floor, although SwainCo. will typically recommend upgrading your crawl space vapor barrier to a SwainCo. WhiteCap Encapsulation system

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